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Tiny DVR Recorder

0.99 usd

Turn any Android device into a mini solid state battery backed network video recorder! Use a spare, old, cheap, or left android device as a free DVR to record cheap IP cameras.New! Embedded web server allows you to remotely control the app away from home when in record mode. Example, turn on in-app motion detection remotely or use app as transcoder to get video feed for devices with odd/proprietary formats.
Record all your standalone IP network video cameras, 24x7, using this app. Includes recorded playback, search, and export to video clip.
Motion Detection built inside app supports all cameras. Play sound in viewers when motion is detected. Only record when motion is detected in Record Mode. (in-app upgrade)
Mount it on a wall in Matrix View, while in record mode, so it can double as a free video monitor! Works with Google TV so display it on a 50" LCD/Plasma TV if you like.
For example, I use a cheap Acer Iconia A500 Honeycomb Tablet with a tiny 500GB usb hard drive to record 6 cameras for months at a time.
Over 1900+ different make/models supported: